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Topics: Malaria, Fever, Immune system Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: March 11, 2013
CHAPTER 6—Protozoa INSTRUCTIONS: Before answering the case studies, make sure you have read and understood chapter 6 of your textbook. ALL ANSWERS MUST BE SUBMITTED ON JANUARY 3, 2013, HANDWRITTEN ON A YELLOW PAD PAPER. IMPORTANT: Observe proper writing of scientific names.

CASE FILE 1 A 25 y/o female patient consulted her doctor complaining of dysuria and foul-smelling vaginal discharge. She admitted to becoming sexually-active within the recent months. Microscopic examination of her urine sample showed numerous, flagellated, pear-shaped trophozoites. Treatment was promptly given upon receipt of the lab result. 1. 2. 3. 4. What particular parasite infected the patient? Briefly describe this parasite. What is the mode of transmission of this parasite? What other signs and symptoms can you observe on the patient with this parasitic infection? Give treatment options for this patient.

CASE FILE 2 A college student is experiencing painful eye irritation in the past 2 weeks. She bought some over-the-counter ophthalmic drops to relieve the symptoms, but the condition still became worse. This forced her to consult a doctor and detailed eye examination revealed a damaged corneal tissue characterized by annular infiltrates. The student was found out to be an avid contact lenses wearer. 1. What particular parasite is associated with contact lens use? 2. What are the 2 morphological life cycle forms of this parasite? 3. Other than the eyes, what other organs may be affected with this parasite if the infection was left untreated? CASE FILE 3 A 45 y/o male was sent home by his doctor after surgical removal of his left kidney due to a tumor. He was clearly instructed to be more cautious about maintaining his home clean and hygienic since the surgery rendered him as immunosuppressed. He was wary about this but there was one thing he could not give up: his love for his pet cat Mimi. Mimi was a spoiled, adventurous cat that loves outdoors; oftentimes she comes home unclean...
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