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You Cant Tell a Book by Its Cover.

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You Cant Tell a Book by Its Cover.

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  • May 2012
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sherley cardona
DWRT-099 D24
professor boisson

When my sister and I went to high school together the first year, there was no uniform. We used to dress the way we wanted. My sister always would take so long getting ready in the morning and would always be late. When we got to school the boys would make fun of her because the way she used to dress and that bothered her. A year later the school changed the rules and put uniforms in place. This changed alot. My sister was always on time in the mornings and the boys at school stopped making fun of her. In this case I think schools should tell students what to wear like uniforms because students wont get bullied, will save time in the mornings, and students wont get distracted in school.

Many people don't like the idea of schools telling students what to wear but they have to understand that it prevents many problems. This introduces my first problem; many students get bullied because of the way they dress. Many students currently wear expensive as well as designer clothes in which others can't afford them. This causes many of the students to get bullied by others that can afford those type of clothing. when the school gives you a specific type of clothing a student should wear for example uniforms, it changes everything. when all the students wear the same kind of clothes, the bullying decreases. It is good when schools decide to tell students what to wear.

Another problem students have with wearing what they want is that they take up so much time in the mornings which causes them to be late for school. When the students get assigned to wear a specific uniform they wont take so long looking for clothes and seeing if they look good on him/her. Also not wearing any specific clothes sometimes does not let you eat in the mornings and you can forget your homework because you are in a hurry. when you get uniforms assigned to the school, many students have time to eat, make sure they have everything they need,...

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