You Can Lead a Horse to Water, but You Can't Make It Drink

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  • Published: October 18, 2011
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One who seems to be in need in help is not always one to be searching for it. To many if not all the need to help another might seem urgent in times such as drug addiction, financial problems, or a troubled marriage. The help being received is not always welcomed with open hands. A person can get helped by many others, but if they are reluctant to change their ways, Then there is no point in them being helped. This is stated in the adage “you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” This adage comes to prove that there is no use in helping those who are comfortable with their life style no matter how atrocious it is. Whether in relationships, history, or the public world, this adage is proven to be true in all aspects of life.

In everyday experiences this adage is proven to be true. A drug addict might be placed in counseling to help him overcome an addiction. The counselor will suggest various techniques to overcome his addiction. She might suggest getting a recovery partner, who is someone he can contact 24/7 in case he feels like taking drugs and is finding it hard to resist the temptations of the addiction. Another tactic will be to occupy his mind elsewhere by going to the gym, taking dance classes or maybe getting involved in the community. These techniques are all very useful tools that will help him overcome his addiction. He has now been handed the tools to help him overcome his addiction, but if he is unwilling to use them then nothing will be fixed. As a drug addict, he is not looking for “tools” to fix his addiction, he just wants it to be fixed. The adage was proven true because the addict was lead to recovery but didn’t take it. While the counselor did everything in her power to help him, it ultimately boils down to if he wants to help himself. Research has shown that long term drug use results in significant changes in the brain function as a result the addict is not able to see his addiction as a problem. He might think that he has it all under control, and if he wanted, he could quit anytime he feels like it. The only way he will be able to overcome his addiction is if he accepts the fact that he has an addiction and needs help. Getting over an addiction is a hard task to accomplish; no one can make that happen but the addict himself.

In the same way that the adage has proven to be true in everyday experiences, it comes to prove itself true in many forms of relationships. For example, a single mother who lives on welfare might be given many opportunities to work by fellow friends and family. To the friends and family she needs a job to help her pay the bills and care for her children. What they aren’t able to see is that the mother made a personal choice to live on welfare for the rest of her life. 68.6% of welfare recipients report that they are not actively seeking employment. Other studies show that, as benefits increase, women are more likely to leave the labor force and enroll in welfare programs instead. She might also be highly discouraged in seeking employment due to her low education, she knows that in a minimum wage job she will be earning what she is already receiving if not less than from welfare. She has put them side by side, looked at the pros and cons and come to realize that she is better off living on welfare. Reasons she would to stay on welfare might be that she gets to spend time with her children, gets several benefits, and still get the money she needs to support them. After a while of living in a certain lifestyle one has become accustomed to that life style, in her case, it makes her feel comfortable and safe living off of welfare purposely. This results in her not wanting to better herself by pursuing education to increase her job opportunities. She has become accustomed to the way she lives and has no drive to better herself. Her friends and family can motivate and advise her to try to pursue education to be able to obtain a well-paying but she will rather stay...
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