You Can't Go Home Again

Topics: Islam, Ramadan, Muhammad Pages: 1 (315 words) Published: February 25, 2013
The text “You can’t go again” is an article from the newspaper Time, 24th December the 2001. The article is written by Tariq Ramadan. The general topic is the discussion about Muslims and integration in Europe. In the article Ramdan concludes that many Muslims are doing well in Europe, but great deals of them have a lot of problems. But according to Ramdan the problems can only be solved if both Muslims and non-Muslims make an effort. And Ramadan does not have any doubts. He says: “The non-Muslims need to accept that Europe’s population has changed, that it is no longer has a single history that the future calls for mutual understanding (Size 205, 1 column, line 25-29). Non-Muslims have to respect the Muslims, and accept the fact that Europe has changed. But the Muslims need to make an effort too says Tariq : “It is up to Muslims to their responsibilities, construct clear arguments, engage in dialogue both within their own communities and with others, and reject the simplistic version of “us vs. them”” (Size 205, 1 colimn, line 5-10).

The text “My son the fanatic” and Tariq Ramadan’s article ”You Can’t Go Home Again” deals with the same problems but in his article it is the parents who do not wish to be integrated into the European environment. Ali and Parvez are very different and do not understand each other. Ramadan points out that it is important too respect Islamic principles while adopting the European tastes and styles. And that is where the problem may be, the main character Parvez has adopt European norms but do not respect Islam. For example he and his colleagues made jokes about the local mullahs. His son Ali is opposite, he feels that the Western materialist hate him, and therefore he cannot and would not adapt to their norms or values anymore.
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