You Are What You Wear

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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You Are What You Wear Research Paper
Sarah Griffin

Our assignment was to dress up a day and to dress down a day. I participated in the activity. I dressed up on Friday the 14th, and dressed down the following day (Saturday the 15th).
We’ll start with the day I dressed up. I liked it because I felt good and was, for the most part, sure about my appearance. People told me I looked nice and that made me confident. I also disliked it because I hardly ever do that, so I felt superficial and not so comfortable in my skin. Even though I would dress up for an interview I’m not sure I would dress up every day.

The day I dressed down was a Saturday. On Saturdays most people sleep in. I don’t get to sleep in. I wake up at 7a.m. and go to an orchestra practice. I noticed as I dressed down that the people that looked nice were sitting up closer to the front (if you sit closer that usually means you are a better player). The coaches seemed to notice that they cared more than others that were wearing sweats and had messy hair (like me). I felt a little unprofessional and ignored.

What you wear is important because if you are going to do something important, you want to dress appropriately for the event. Dressing for the right setting is really important.
In conclusion, you are what you wear is important because if you show people that you care than you most likely have the advantage over people that may not care.
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