Topics: Ku Klux Klan, Thomas Friedman, Education Pages: 3 (1078 words) Published: January 27, 2013
Ruth Garcia
Essay #2
English A-X J. Simon
A Motivating Influence

Life is a cycle of learning in which we learn every day by experiences, anecdotes or by someone else. Now, it is hard to find a person who really cares about us or at least someone who wants to help us to succeed in the future. However, we found that there are some special teachers that are a great example of learning how to succeed in life. In the two stories of “my favorite teacher” by Thomas L. Friedman, and “Unforgettable Miss Bessie” by Carl T. Rowan, we find two incomparable persons who made a change in their students’ life. They both were a motivating influence for their students. Carl Rowan’s teacher Miss Bessie and Thomas Friedman’s teacher Hattie Steinberg are different in background, but similar in their wisdom, enthusiasm, love and care for their students.

First, we find that both teachers, Miss Bessie and Miss Hattie had wisdom. They both introduced their students to knowledge that they otherwise might not been exposed to. In Thomas Friedman’s teacher, Hattie taught Friedman a lesson that lasted throughout his life. Hattie was a journalism teacher who tries to teach her students about the ethical rules for being a journalist. She had high standards of teaching, and it leads a mark in her students. Friedman’s writes: “Hattie was a woman who believed that the secret of success in life was getting the fundamentals right” (403). This basic lesson about excellence in journalism was important to Friedman’s career, because he becomes a journalist, and he remembered decades after his High School days with Hattie. This shows that Hattie was a wise teacher because it influences Friedman’s life forever. On the other hand, Miss Bessie’s wisdom was impacting for Rowan. She was a writing teacher who loves to read and write. However, even when in those days the racism took place in the country between white and black people, and she was a black teacher, she had the pasion to impact her...
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