Yolanda Fenderson: Analysis Paper

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Case Study Analysis Paper
Yolanda Fenderson

Being a new recruiter comes with big responsibilities which include hiring and training, but also it involves putting together a training schedule, orienting, manuals, policy booklets, physicals, drug tests and many more issues. With the hiring of 15 new trainees, Carl realized that he might not have everything done in time by June 15 for their orientation. Background Only being on the job for six months, everything comes with trial and error and Carl taking on his first recruitment position has taken its toll. Preparing new hires for a new job, you definitely have to have everything in order and it starts with having all paper work in order. When Carl got his office and pulled out the new trainee files, he came across that some of the new trainee’s applications were not completed and their transcripts were not on file. Before starting a new job, companies require you to take a drug test and Carl discovered that none of the new trainees wasn’t sent over to the for the mandatory drug screen. Policies are put into place in an organization to make sure rules and regulations are followed and when you start a new position you are given an orientation manual which entitles a lot of what to expect from your position. Carl began to notice, as he is going through the orientation manuals, he found only three copies with pages missing from each of them. Training facilities are needed to provide all new hires a place to train on computers, hands on to know the technology on where they are going to use on a daily basis. Carl discovered that Joe from technology services had been setting up computer terminals and reserved the room for the entire month of June for computer training seminal, in which he was supposed to have for the new trainees to be trained at. (2011)....
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