Yogurt Industry Pest Analysis

Topics: Milk, Cattle, Dairy Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: November 10, 2012

#1 issue - dairy production

dairy production is directly proportional to yogurt production

There is a nearing "Yogurt Summit" to be held at Albany, Greece on the 15th of August. At the summit, there will be the key players in the industry and they are will be focusing on how they would increase the amount of dairy production for the yogurt producers.


#2 issue - How to support dairy farms and farmers

Farmers (in America) are requesting for the fixing of milk marketing orders and "end-product" pricing. There are 4 classes of milk: Class I (fluid milk), Class II (yogurt), Class III (cheese), Class IV (butter/powder). If the push is to turn milk into yogurt, cheese or butter, dairy farmers don't get paid as much.

They are also encouriging local production. Since the Eastern Americas is experiencing "milk-deficit" of about 3.2 billion pounds per month while the Western half is having an overflow of milk.

For the most of the 20th century, dairy farming was a stable and simple business: Cow feeds are low and milk prices are high, giving dairy farmers a comfortable living. Now, because of the globalizing trend, cow feeds are globally traded thus having unpredictable prices while the prices of milk is being controlled by the government.


Yogurt Projected to Surpass $67 billion by 2015 because of the growing consumer demand for a healthy but delicious and enjoyable treat. It has low sugar, low fat, cholesterol reducing and it boosts digestion. It is also good for all ages.





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