Yoga: Thought and Positive Level

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  • Published : March 19, 2013
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Throughout my life, I have always taken what people say to me personal. I always felt that I was the problem. I always thought that the advice that I was told was to follow and listen but then I realized it all comes down to you. I finally realized wherever you go or whoever you meet will have comments, opinions and thoughts thrown at you. Now it is my choice whether to take it personal or let it go in one ear out the other. I realized that the only reason I get angry and upset would be because I would let what people say get to me when I should not have. I was too sensitive and allowed their words hurt my emotions. I realized that allowing people’s opinions get to me will only give my power away and allow them to feel better about themselves. Now when people criticize or say their opinion to me, if it is not positive or respecting, I will just sympathize for them because they are not happy with themselves that is why they critic on another people. At times when my temper rises, I say things without thinking to my boyfriend without realizing that the words I say are harm, but I would not say it if I was not talking carelessly. I just let my emotions take over; I talk without thinking. But, I do apologize after. At first I did not realize that the power of words and the way you speak to someone can be harmful and sometimes can hurt others more than we realize. I realized that using certain words without thinking before saying it only hurts me and others. Also, I am good at following through on my commitment to others but not so good on myself. I commit to myself to do something and then I procrastinate when it has to do with me, but that will change. What I do a lot is make assumptions. I am now taking a second look at my ways in assuming without clarifying the situation; I always make up reasons for whatever it is, instead of asking questions. I just let my assumptions get me. I always have assumptions based on what my friends do, boyfriend, and family....