Yoga for Healthy Life

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Everyone desires to have better health without diseases. Of course it is the ultimate objective for utmost happiness in the human life. Even though peoples are taking precautionary measures, some times they get and suffer from diseases due to pollution of air, water and Sound and lack of cleanness. Even if we keep our house clean our surrounding may be spoiled our health. In this sense good habits are the essential factors for maintaining of good health. In fact minor health disorders are quite common to all. In the case of major health problems the precautionary measures are plenty. Some people control their diseases like Blood pressure, Diabetes, Acidity, Asthma etc., by taking medicines regularly. But such practice does not in any way completely eliminate the health disorders. On the other hand, it leads to several other adverse health problems. The continuos, systematic and regular practice of yoga is an effective tool to maintain good health and also has an effect to eliminate all the dreadful diseases from the human body. Yoga helps us to keep our health and mental alertness in good condition.

Though yoga has such a potential power, which adds more health, more vigor, still most people have lack of knowledge of systematic practice of yoga, most of them perform yogic exercises for a short period, and as and when the health improves they discontinue the yoga practice. For this reason the effective results of yogic practices can not be determined perfectly. Many scientists, doctors, psychologists etc. all over the world are extensively studying the beneficial aspects of yoga which give us encouraging results of positive health through yoga. Before knowing what is yoga, one has to be aware that yogic practices not only give positive health but also help to develop concentration and strengthen the immune system.

What is yoga? The answer is very wide, it is both physical and mental. The term ‘yoga’ which is derived from the root word YUJ, “YUJ” means to join or yoke. This means yoga is a systematic and methodical process to control and develop the mind and body to attain good health, balance of mind and self-realization.

Most of the people are of the opinion that yoga refers to performing exercises to deep the body fit and trim. But it is more than that. The systematic yogic practices not only eliminate and control several diseases but also keep the mind perfect, clean and peaceful. That means, the yogic practice gives both physical and mental perfection.

In the present difficult living situation, mental agitation, anxiety and depression are quite common. Everyone wants mental peace and satisfaction in his life. Now days many money making organizations advertise regarding the conducting of classes on yoga, meditation and Pranic Healing etc. and claim that these are the sure methods to provide better health. But these institutions impart training for certain periods with an intention to earn money. The real objects is to learn yoga and mediation systematically and to adopt them in lifestyle. Then only one can experience the real benefit of yoga and meditation. Yoga not only provides good health but also provides control of mind, spiritual wisdom and self-realization. Yoga is a state of disunion from union with sorrow. The yoga has to be performed with utmost devotion, determination and undisturbed by depression. It is evident from the scores of studies conducted by several Universities and research organizations. They arrived at the conclusion that yogic practice helps to cure several diseases and to develop the concentration of mind and eases stress and tension. Unfortunately most of the people are unaware of the practices of yoga, that is why they are not in a position to get the benefits of yogic practices.

There are four categories in yoga shastra they are Bhakti Yoga, Karma yoga, Jnana Yoga and Hata yoga. Hata yoga comes under Raja Yoga. Hata Yoga is a system for attaining...
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