Yoga and Health Benefits

Topics: Yoga, Meditation, Exercise Pages: 2 (404 words) Published: October 11, 2011
Sam Gilbert
Informative Speech
To introduce what yoga is, how it became so popular, and the health benefits it provides.

1. Attention Getter:
2. Common Ground: Yoga is very beneficial to individuals because it can help strengthen muscles, increase flexibility, and relieve stress and other health benefits. 3. To introduce what yoga is, how it became so popular, and the health benefits it provides. 4. Preview with signposts: first im going to talk about what yoga is. Next im going to talk about how it became so popular. Finally im going to talk about the health benefits that yoga provides.

1. You may be asking yourself what is yoga?
Yoga is bringing the mind and body together as one. It’s a physical and mental exercise built on three main structures; exercise, breathing, and meditation. It is an ancient spiritual practice from over 5000 years ago. It originated in India, but became really popular in the United State in recent years. 2. Yoga increased rapidly in the U.S. for various reasons. (Site this) One major reason yoga became so popular was because studies showed that it was having a positive increase in peoples health conditions. Other reasons are because of the spread throughout media advertising famous celebrities doing yoga. Yoga helps take away pain form injuries, relieving stress, and strengths the body as a whole these are a few reasons people look to yoga. Also it has become so popular over time because of the health benefits it provides. 3. Several health benefits of yoga include preventing or healing of disease and injuries such as strained muscles, minor burns, joint pains, sleep insomnia, and much more. It provides meditation to an individual who helps them relax and focus on their inner self. A major structure of yoga is breathing; breathing helps the body take away pain and helps it to stay limber.

1. Summary: To sum everything up yoga is...
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