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The history of me is quite fascinating and exciting but at the moment I would rather not talk about it and read some very inspirational papers because i am quite bored and these papers are kind of interesting. Other than these things there is not much else. I have to write a bunch of random stuff now to fill in the rest of the required amount of words i must write to join the website. I'm really tired at the moment but can not go to bed because i have to wait for something personal to finish that i would rather not talk about, So it would be vary nice if i could finish writing this and read something interesting to help fight off this lingering tiredness that will not go away. I could watch television, but I'm not really in the mood and would like to learn about interesting stuff in stead. Plus i feel reading is a better way to learn stuff than watching television so I if i could please begin reading it would be most appreciated. The rest of the essay shall not be comprised of random words that when put together make no sense at all and just take up lots of space. Gorilla Shark Cow Door Bell Ring Touch Mega Dog House Read Faith Church Bear Tree Window Mister The Yo Me Hi High Height Chill Kill Bill Fat Chunky Overweight Obese Saved Papers So You Can Find Them More Easily Butt Booty Horse Yes No Maybe Kind Of One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen Fourteen Fifteen Sixteen Seventeen Eighteen Oh now I am tired of counting. If you have read this far i shall commend you for your patience for i wish i could end this paper which is not needed for anything. As i continue i apologize for all the i's that are not in caps for i accidently forget to hit the shift key and did not feel like going back to fix it. English class is quite fun but personally i prefer debate. Enough of me tell me about yourself like whether you like to play any sports or read any good books.
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