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Topics: FIFA World Cup, FIFA, Association football Pages: 1 (322 words) Published: October 29, 2013

October 29,2013
The World Cup
No other sporting event captures the world's imagination like the FIFA World Cup™. Ever since the first tentative competition in Uruguay in 1930, FIFA's flagship has constantly grown in popularity and prestige. According to FIFA.com, there was a estimated 915.3 million people watching the final of the 2010 World cup in South Africa while it was being broadcasted in 205 different countries and on 245 different channels.

The world cup first began in 1930 when 8 different countries all went to Uruguay to compete for a gold trophy that looks much different today. The world cup brings so much excitement from the stadiums, to the full range of emotions the sad moments to the happy ones. There is such a strong presence that comes along with the world cup, I mean nothing else in the world gives all the nations a rest to just relax and watch the best soccer out on display with nothing but the positive message “peace”. It truly does bring together for a fast month that makes the world sad when it finally comes to an end. klgbmopftmghiot grtkl gnfkl bbdfjkogle ng erge gwjkloqnqwoi fowtiw twutio t4oituq bq bfob fquiq fbu fusakgj bai rsaeiorhgrl kgheafgtrkea fyha; jhxz forever foever younf foever youbnd forever young be the worst of tomorrowa but we aint evenm thinking that far dsh4wdgj fjgdfjdhgnkfz;dfbgfjbgfhdbhbhbgfh fhgbfdhbgdfhghfd ghfd ghfdbgfdhgbdfh ghfdbgdhfsjag fh gfhbgasfbghfbgh f hfh vhdf h vfh vfh vhfvhf dof gvhf hv vfh vhfv fhv hfv fhv fhv fhv fh hv hf vfh vfh vhf vfh vfh fhv fh vfhv fhv fhv hf vhf vhf vhf vfhv fhv fhv fhv fhvhfv fhv fhv fhv fhv fhv fhvfhv fhv fhv fh vfh vfhv fh vhf vhf vfh vfhv fhv fhv fhv fhv hf vh vh fh vh vhf hf vhf vfhv hf hf hf vfhv hv rh vhr yrewp vhfs fnds vfn vnnv fn s f vnfd nv dfn vnf vn fns vjh vfhj vhjvjh av
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