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YMCA Management Project (45%)
* Understand the meaning of key terms that are commonly used in management * Identify many of the variables that shape business decisions and management practices in organizations. * Demonstrate critical thinking in resolving organizational challenges. Deliverables

Friday midnight, April 12– Planning Package and Team Charter April 22 – April 26 - Draft version of written report.
Wednesday midnight May 15 - Final version of written report. May 15 – May 19 - Summative peer evaluations (REQUIRED in order to receive a grade for the project) May 15 – 19 – In lass presentations

Planning Package (10%):
Title page with employee’s names, employee photos, student company name, logo and tag line Student company vision, mission statement, values and goals as they relate to the management of YMCA/YWCA

Organizational chart
Job description for each employee (details follow)

Based on the numerous questions re organizational structure I have added these additional notes for clarification.

1. Umbrella Structure: You are ultimately creating an overall or umbrella structure that focuses on the management of the project – getting the work done, final project compilation, powerpoint creation and presentation (of which all team members should be involved in). Unlike previous projects where you may have assigned one person as researcher and another as editor etc, in this case, you will all be involved in each activity and be required to pull it all together as a team in the end. Typical roles at this level may be final copy writer, final editor, etc – these are suggestions! 2. Character Roles: You are taking on character roles within the case study itself, ie broken into sub-groups to match the departments as indicated within the case. There are 3 departments. Each department has a minimum of 2 individuals who will complete research, create recommendations and write their final component of the business plan. 3. There is an element of negotiation required between the 3 sub-groups or character groups within the case component. You will bring forward original to the other sub-groups or departments your initial business strategies only likely to find that you will have to modify them based on the needs of the other 2 groups – if you find that you do not have to do this you will have likely missed essential elements of the case (this is a hint!) This process can also be part of your presentation to show what you started with and where you ended up! 4. Job Descriptions: in each job description, describe both roles; your high level umbrella role and your character role. Establish measurements and include as part of your assessment criteria. 5. Timeline: Create a timeline that matches the outline and add some details for the team. 6. Team Values, vision etc can be included as per OB.

7. Cover page: Take a nice picture of yourselves!

In the end, just tell me who is doing what and how and how you are going to assess each other. And then just get busy on the case study. The emphasis from my perspective should be on the case and not so much on the planning package.

Report Content (35%)
Your report will be a maximum of 14-18 pages (excluding appendices, title page and table of contents). Follow the format instructions in your COMM 2200 course. As well, see http://libguides.bcit.ca/business for more citing information. Your powerpoint presentation should be included as an appendix. There is a lot of information to cover in a short space – you will need to be very concise in your writing and make every word count. You may NOT exceed this page limit, but you may put relevant information in appendices. Focus your writing on the application of concepts with a brief explanation of them. Title page

Table of contents
Introduction and Background (for the company) (2 pages)
Environmental Analysis (for the industry as a whole) (2 pages) Organizational Culture...
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