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Yihong Road sweeper YHD21
Road sweeper YHD21 is equipped with air condition and heating machine, the operator can enjoy the comfortable work environment in summer and winter.

Road sweeper YHD21:
Noise-insulated, low-vibration cab with suspension. Water nozzles on the plate brushes for binding dust in sensitive working areas. The YHD21 is extremely manoeuvrable thanks to its new type of cushioned articulated steering. It's unqiue sulo bin hopper concept makes it the most versatile footpath and outdoor sweeping machine on the market today. Road sweeper YHD21 Features:

1. Japan Kubota water cooled 3 cylinder diesel engine with direct injection and electronic engine management engine. 2. 240L standard garbage bin can stock garbage, and unique roll-on/roll-off disposal concept, unbeaten flexibility of adaptation to customer's logistic requirements. 3. Hydraulic wheelie bin lifting mechanism allowing operators to switch between wheelie bins, which can then be collected by a refuse vehicle. 4. Hinge turning structure can make the turning radius much smaller and sweep the twisty and narrow place. 5. Suction system structure adopts circulation blow back combine with filter. High dust filtration rate of 98% makes the YHD21 suitable for use in public areas. it can sweep with or without water. 6. The drive mode adopts hydrostatic infinitely variable speed transmission system, turning operation adopts complete hydraulic redirector, the operation of sweep is easy and flexible. 7. The sweeper is equipped with air condition and heating machine, the operator can enjoy the comfortable work environment in summer and winter. 8. There are panoramic glasses in cab, the field of vision is very open. The sweeper also equipped with color LED monitor which is convenient to check the status when sweep and reverse. 9. The sweeper is equipped with 140L plastic water tank and minisize electric water pump which can spray and dedust. 10. The main components...
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