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Topics: Recycling, Environmentalism, Waste Pages: 4 (812 words) Published: January 3, 2013
Enclosure No. 1 to DepEd Order No. 93, s. 2011


A. Seed Bank and Nursery Establishment

Only seeds and seedlings coming from native, endemic or indigenous species of trees, including fruit trees, shall be collected and used for the nursery.

The YES-O is authorized to sell their excess seedlings to interested public and private entities as part of its entrepreneurial activities. The proceeds shall be used in the nursery maintenance and operation such as purchase of planting supplies and materials, including repairs, maintenance and expansion.

B. Planting, Growing and Caring for Trees

Consistent with the seed bank and nursery establishment of the YES-O, only native, endemic or indigenous species of trees, including fruit trees, shall be planted, grown and cared for. This policy hopes to restore our endangered biodiversity and to provide carbon sinks to mitigate the effects of global warming and climate change.

C. Awareness Campaigns and Symposia on Environmental Issues and Actions
Global warming, climate change, water conservation, power and energy conservation, waste disposal and management, greening programs, and health-related concerns (such as dengue, malaria, sanitation and pollution) among other environmental issues and actions shall be the theme/topics for discussion.

D. Outreach Programs

The YES-O shall conduct outreach programs in nearby communities such as coastal and road cleanups, mangrove tree planting and many others.

Environmental concepts, principles and best practices may also be shared and discussed with community members, opinion leaders and other concerned parties in furthering the efforts to better their environment.

1. Clean-Up Drives

Clean-up drives in coastal areas, lakes and rivers in coordination with the barangay, municipality or city where the school is situated shall be held...
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