Yes to Women Driving in Saudi Arabia

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  • Published : December 16, 2010
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Name: Mohamed D. Ray-zack
Date: 5/12/2010
"Women's right to Drive in KSA"

I realize how people of two genders, coming from different ethnic backgrounds and having various degrees of devotion to religions sit together, talk, argue, oppose, explore, learn, laugh, repent, and , hopefully, become better people with greater knowledge and higher ambitions. I am grateful to Charles Darwin for his clarifications of how evolution of living beings takes place; but beyond the biological explanation of traits inheritance, I can elaborate in his theory and apply it to the evolution of humans' favorable characteristics that could significantly evolve into what are so-called "principles". It really is impressive to see the immense evolution of human rights around the world since people started calling for liberty, civil rights, and virtuous democratic governments. We could successfully step to that high level of humanity understanding not by being dissimilar to each other, but by being open-minded and by seeing the inner beauty in others and ourselves. Along the way of evolution -my proposed rights evolution-, there are several challenges to our beliefs and traditions, which definitely come by turning points, and, eventually, support our rights and establish greater principles. One of the worldwide challenges stirring in the heart of the Middle East is Saudi women's call for equal civil rights. Saudi Arabia is one of the hot spots where social implications affect not only the neighboring countries but further extend to the worldwide. Since the foundation of the Saudi government, the Saudi society experienced outstanding changes in the grounds of civilization, culture, education, and gender-based interactions (Al-Mohamed, 2007). Not so long time ago, if a Saudi national would like to walk in public in jeans and a T-shirt, he would lose his national identity in other Saudis' perspective; this is a mild example of how conservative and strict the Saudi society...
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