Topics: Betty Friedan, Gloria Steinem, Mexican American Pages: 3 (304 words) Published: December 13, 2012
Chapter 23 Study Questions- The Sixities

Section 1

1. Did the Latino population grow or shrink in the 1960’s ?

2. How were Latinos treated by mainstream American society ?

3. Who was Cesar Chavez and what did he do to help Latinos ?

4. What did Latino “brown power” movements advocate ?

5. What did Latinos do to enhance their political power ?

6. What was the American Indian Movements, and what did it advocate ?

7. How did the American Indian Movement engage the government ?

8. What success did Native Americans attain ?

Caesar Chavez

United Farm Workers Organizing Committee

La Raza Unida

American Indian Movement

Section Two

1. What kinds of discrimination did women encounter at their jobs in the 1960’s ?

2. How did women’s experiences in civil rights and antiwar protests increase their awareness of sexism ?

3. What was the impact of Betty Friedan’s book, The Feminine Mystique ?

4. What were the National Organization for Women’s goals ?

5. What factions formed in NOW ?

6. What was Roe v Wade and why was it important to women ?

7. What happened to the Equal Rights Amendment ?

8. How successful was the women’s movement in expanding opportunities for women ?

9. How did the women’s movement change the way society looks at work and careers for women ?

Betty Friedan


National Organization for Women

Gloria Steinem

Equal Rights Amendment

Phyllis Schlaffly

Section 3

1. How did members of the counterculture related to mainstream culture ?

2. What were the primary components of hippie life ?

3. What happened to the counterculture ?

4. What influence did hippies have on art and fashion ?

5. What did rock music mean to hippies ?

6. How did the counterculture change American social attitudes ?

7. Why did conservatives...
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