Yep Credit Cards Suck

Topics: Money, Payment, Credit card Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: April 15, 2012
The American and the Credit Card
On a day-to-day basis, Americans today usually carry no cash. They go to a store and buy whatever they want with a credit card. This is if they need the item or items or not. Americans are always trying to keep up with the Joneses. When Americans have one credit card, most of the time they have two or three and as a result buy unnecessary items. Americans who purchase these “out-of-their-means” items would not purchase them if they had the cash. Credit cards cause you to think that because of that piece of plastic you can buy whatever you want. Americans who live outside their means are trying to look wealthy, but it does not make you look wealthy, it just makes you appear wealthy. All you are is, wealthy in debt! Even though credit card use offers benefits, Americans are irresponsible when using credit cards because Americans live outside their means and credit card use causes debt, Americans should not use a credit card.

Americans have the freedom of doing what they want when they want and by having a credit card, it means buying what they want when they want. Americans choose to have a credit card so that they have “emergency money,” this is hard for the everyday American because they are always wanting what others have. The only reason they have decided to purchase the item or items is that someone they know has that same item or the one he or she wants to buy is better than their friend or neighbor, family included. It is hard to believe that 98% of Americans are in some kind of debt because of credit card abuse (credit cards). People living with a credit card think that life is easier because you can have what you want when in reality all you do is owe more money. Americans love to have more than what they can afford. Acquiring more means every month that when that bill comes all you do is stress over why you even bought that item. Americans are already addicted to having everything; you want when you want it, so you...
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