Yeo and Yeo CPAs: Business Consultants

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Yeo & Yeo CPAs; Business Consultants is an accounting firm I would love to be a part of. They are a growth-oriented firm who is always looking for new team members. The ideal candidate would be self-motivated, dedicated, and qualified for the position. Yeo & Yeo has been in business for over 85 years. It was established by a father and son who were both determined to join in partnership and create an accounting practice that is among the top 100 in the nation today (Yeo & Yeo, 2010). Yeo & Yeo is located in Saginaw Michigan. I reside about 45 miles North in a town called Pinconning. Today there are over 7 offices across Michigan and over 175 employees total. Yeo & Yeo provides traditional accounting and tax services, but there not your typical CPA firm. At Yeo & Yeo they believe in the value of relationships. They have a strong commitment to personal service, commitment to clients, and community support. They serve any and all industries you can think of, from construction to health care and real estate to death care (Yeo & Yeo, 2010). Each and every organization has different challenges that require insight, knowledge, and expertise. This is where Yeo & Yeo would provide a specialized team of accountants who are specialized in that specific industry, to invest their time to fully understand the business. All the problems and issues will be resolved with the most strategic solutions brainstormed by the accountants. Within this firm, all participants are leaders. Each team member brings a significant piece of the financial puzzle together to strengthen the business and its functions. They piece together this puzzle by doing their own individual research and connecting the information together to create an effective and efficient work environment. All the team members have some of the same characteristics like integrity and quality. Every employee within Yeo & Yeo has the drive and dedication to succeed in the accounting career field. There are offices...
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