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Özyeğin University BUS 102

Online Food Delivery

With a listing of more than 3000 restaurants in nine major cities across Turkey, serving more than 510,000 users, Yemeksepeti is the unrivaled leader in online food delivery in Turkey. Despite spending very little on traditional advertising, this transaction processing business – they neither make nor deliver the food – has see impressive growth. Yemeksepeti is a rapidly growing, lucrative e-commerce business where only 1% of on-line payment transactions are credit card based. Currently, the company finds itself at an important point as they evaluate whether to take their model to new markets through individually launching separate brands, partnering with local companies or franchising pieces of the model.

To become the preferred transaction platform in the food delivery business in major cities worldwide

Yemeksepeti does not prepare food. It does not operate a delivery service. Yemeksepeti is Turkey’s premier internet market-builder, powering the online order processing for restaurants across the country’s major cities. Yemeksepeti’s Turkish and English transaction platform provides value-added services for two primary stakeholder groups: clients (restaurants) and customers (Internet users). Yemeksepeti’s service for their clients is a cost-effective, outsourced customer relationship and technology management platform for on-line food delivery. Yemeksepeti’s product is an easy to use fax or Point-of-Sale (POS) platform to track orders. Yemeksepeti’s service for their users is: 1. 2. 3. Constantly identifying, recruiting and auditing an up-to-date searchable directory of potential food vendors to provide a diversified selection of reliable food delivery options. Operating a customer service call center to provide user assistance and address any order problems. Maintaining and continuously improving a user-friendly web, TV and SMS platform to make food delivery ever more convenient and interesting. This includes a fully personalized webpage for registered users, which saves multiple addresses such as “home” or “work” under appropriate headings enabling the user to easily search for restaurants in their respective neighborhood. It also allows the user to make a list of favorite restaurants, regular orders and past orders for quick ordering. The most important novelty is that users can choose their method of payment as cash, credit card upon delivery, Sodexho or debit card, or finally, on-line credit card.


Qualifying restaurants that pass Yemeksepeti’s delivery capacity, quality and hygiene standards are responsible for three things: c. 2009; based on Candidate Profiles from Endeavor Turkey and used with permission from Endeavor and Yemeksepeti.

Özyeğin University BUS 102 1. 2. 3. Providing menu and pricing updates to Yemeksepeti on a timely basis, Preparing the food to order, and; Delivering the food on-time to the right address as advertised.

New or small restaurants with limited advertising budgets gain significant visibility through promotional email or banner discount offers. If the users give positive reviews, the restaurant business grows. If even one user has a legitimate complaint, however, the restaurant must immediately make amends or is ousted from the directory. Creative value-added promotions are also driving Yemeksepeti’s popularity: The Yemeksepeti entrepreneurs realized that “food + entertainment” is an excellent combination so they added it to the menu. Selected restaurants leverage the opportunity to up their transaction totals by offering a “free DVD” from a selection of the most recent film releases to users. The users’ perceived value is over US$15.00. The actual cost for the DVD incurred by the restaurant is less than US$2.00 since Yemeksepeti procures excess DVD inventory from media distributors in bulk. The “free DVD” offer has...
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