Yellowtail Marine, Inc

Topics: Management, Goal, Strategy Pages: 3 (790 words) Published: September 30, 2012
The purpose of this memorandum is to outline Robyn’s Gilcrist’s situation and to help establish her priorities on her first day at work. On April 12, Mr. Boswell appointed Ms. Gilcrist as the president of Yellowtail Marine after the sudden death of Olaf Gunerson. As a walk-in president, Robyn must learn the business to be a credible leader. She brings an impressive track record in sales and marketing with great results. Her long term goal with Yellowtail Marina is to have a controlling interest in 10 years. Robyn’s short term goal is to restore immediate order. Her leadership style will pave the road to her success and connection to her Yellowtail Marina audience.

Background Situation

On April 13, Mr. Boswell gave direction to Robyn to “. . . get to the plant, deal with whatever needed doing, fly to San Francisco for a board meeting that afternoon, and then return . . . to Olaf’s funeral on April 15.” Mr. Boswell will be leaving to the Middle East after the funeral, in San Diego, and wants Robyn’s preliminary strategic plan to review before he leaves. The Strategic Plan is scheduled to be presented at the April 29 Board meeting.

Robyn Gilcrist’s Top Priorities

Delegation. Sarah Clarke, an employee, offered to help Robyn in any way she could. Robyn should thank Sarah and accept her assistance. Ask Sarah to reach out to key individuals of the organization that are absent to please report back to work now. •OSHA is in the building and Mr. Towne, the inspector, wants a representative of management and the shop steward to tour the plant with him. Robyn should greet Mr. Towne, explain that it is her first day on the job, and assign Mark Lopez, as a trusted member of her management team, to tour the facility. •A letter from EPA states that high levels of cyanide and other chemicals were found off Yellowtail’s boatyard. It also notes that Mr. Andrew Tozallowski will call, on April 19 at 9:00 a.m., to discuss Yellowtail’s plan for complying...
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