Yellowtail Marine

Case Overview
The Yellowtail Marine, Inc. case combines corporate and industry data with an "in-basket" exercise. It focuses attention on the difficulties of Robyn Gilcrist – the newly appointed President – to efficiently managing the company’s daily operations while at the same time developing a corporate strategy. Robyn Gilcrist has taken over as CEO a few days after the death of Olaf Gunerson, Yellowtail’s founder and former owner. Therefore, there was no proper hand-over for Gilcrist.

Appointed by the company’s new owner, Charles Boswell, the plan was for Robyn to have 12 months working with Gunerson before his retirement, but death intervened. Now Robyn must learn the business in a fast pace and keep it running without him.

The case concerns Gilcrist’s first day as president. Gunerson’s death caused her to joined Yellowtail some weeks ahead of the scheduled starting date. Boswell has asked her to deal with whatever needs doing, fly to San Fancisco to a board meeting this afternoon, and then attend Gunerson’s funeral the following day. By that time Boswell wants a preliminary strategic plan.

Boswell challenges Gilcrist with a difficult task, which is only made more so when she arrives at the boatyard. She has no secretary (Gunerson’s secretary is still in mourn) and it was apparent that there are severe production problem persists in the yard, and an assortment of other tasks. All of these challenges are on top of the list of Boswell’s assignment to come up with a strategic plan. It’s a tough time to start your new job.

For me, this particular case is very unique due to the time limitation that Gilcrist has. In a very short time, she must come up with a strategic plan to present to Boswell.

Case Analysis using framework from Management Communication Class. From the Management Communication Class, the framework that is applicable to the case is Structuring a communication program for major change. But, before she can even start...
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