Yellowstone National Park: Is It the End of the World?

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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Im guessing and hoping everyone has probably heard this saying hundreds of times before. Either by friends, parents, or other relatives. Now as cliche as that may sound, and probably the hundred more times more you are going to hear this, the fact of the matter is it is true. Now im sure, everyone in this has thought about the end of the world and whether or not the end is near? From the issue of global warming, it being mentioned in religious texts, to the conspiracy theory of huge asteroids wiping out this planet, or multi million dollar films being made such as "2012" showing the state of california tragically sink in to the ocean, overly exagerated, but hey you get the picture. Now the scary part! End of the world? Possibility? Maybe. When? That we dont know. But what we do know is How. So yes, today my subject is based on the end of the world, as crazy as it sounds, but as random as it is. Im going to talk to you about yellow stone national park, located in the U.S. state of Wyoming. Why? Because Yellow Stone National Park is the end of the world.

For those of you who dont know, what lies underneath yellowstone national park is actually an enormous volcanic caldera, or other wise known as a super volcano. Super Volcanoes:
Super volcano? that sounds a bit fictional. But there is such thing. A super volcano refers to a volcano that produces the largest and most voluminous eruptions on earth. The explosivity of these eruptions vary, yet the sheer volume of magma that will be emitted is great enough to radically alter the landscape and severely impact global climate for years, with a catastrophic effect on life.

What makes a super volcano different to a normal volcano?
A super volcano differs from a regular volcano in that most of the the time there is no mountain peak associated with it. Since there is no hole at the top of this volcano, and no mountain peak, a great amount of pressure builds up and builds up under the ground, until enough...
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