Yellow Ribbon

Topics: Addiction, Inhalant, Drug addiction Pages: 3 (867 words) Published: June 24, 2012
Yellow Ribbon

As I walk along Beach Road towards Central Police Station, I think of the many possibilities life can bring us. How so many things can change and what we can learn from them. This case shows us an example. Officer Daniel Chua, Head of Drug Abuse and Inhalants Office, is about to reveal the reminiscence of his tragic past.

Two officers lead me to the Drug Abuse and Inhalants Office, where I am going to meet not only Officer Daniel, but also his many secrets and memories he will reveal in a few minutes. My heart is palpitating not with fear, but with restless anticipation. I walk into the office, my footsteps tinkering on the tufted floor. Officer Daniel receives me warmly, although I can see that he is trying to avert his eyes from mine.

Sipping his coffee, he enters into a tunnel of memories, and says slowly, “Everything changed when I was thirteen. I was trudging home from school in the rain, when a man came up to me with a small packet and said to me, ‘Look’ee boy, I have this packet of candy, which I’m selling for a dollar. But I’ll give it to you for a free trial.’ Then, he gave me his name card and the packet and left. Little did I know, at that time, that I had made the biggest mistake of my life and the little packet would change and destroy my future.”

His eyebrows furrow up, his eyes showing pure regret and deep remorse. He licks his lips and continues, “I popped the ‘candies’ in my mouth, ignoring the pestering instinct that gifts from strangers should never be accepted, let alone be eaten. Soon after, I felt so ‘high’ and felt like I was invincible, invulnerable, like I could do anything. It was the best feeling I had ever felt. The next day, I looked for the man and bought the ‘candies’ from him. By this time, I realised I was taking ‘Ecstasy’. Even though I knew that drug abuse was against the law, I was addicted and completely neglected my studies to buy the drug. I had changed in that way. I was no longer innocent.”...
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