Yeast Growth

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What liquid makes yeast grow faster?

Since moist, sugar – rich liquids grow yeast faster, I think the sugar water would work the best. I also think the lemon juice with sugar would work as well.

* Lemon juice
* Sugar
* Water
* Vinegar and Baking Soda
* Peach Juice
* 2 Petri dishes
* Measuring Spoon
* Apron
* Yeast
* Magnifying Glass
* Tweezers

Step 1: Place all materials on desk.
Step 2: Wash hands and put on apron.
Step 3: Open the Petri dishes (now having 4) and place 20mg of yeast in each one. Step 4: Pour 20mL of water and 20mg of sugar into the and stir. Step 5: Pour on top of the yeast and observe with magnifying glass. Step 6: Rinse the and pour 20mL of vinegar and baking soda into it. Step 7: Repeat Step 5.

Step 8: Rinse the and pour 20mL of peach juice into it.
Step 9: Repeat Step 7.
Step 10: Rinse the and pour 20mL of lemon juice and 20mg of sugar into it. Step 11: Repeat Step 9.
Step 12: Rinse the.
Step 13: Observe the 4 Petri Dishes with the magnifying glass again and note which liquid made the yeast grow faster. Step 14: Clean the Petri dishes and other materials.

Data and Observation:
When we poured the peach juice, it just made the yeast clump together. I don’t think it worked that well. When we poured the vinegar and baking soda, it fizzed a little bit but the yeast didn’t grow that much. The two best ones were the lemon juice with sugar and the sugar water. The yeast grew really fast and so did the sugar water. Conclusion:

My prediction was right. The sugar water and the lemon jucie with sugar were the best liquids we tried to make the yeast grow.
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