Years Teach Us More Than Books

Topics: University, Education, Bachelor's degree Pages: 3 (1248 words) Published: April 1, 2013
Dylan Reeves
English 100
February 4, 2013
Years Teach Us More Than Books
From a young age, it has been drilled into our minds that going to school is the number one thing we can accomplish to ensure that our future is bright. What defines a bright future, and how should going to school guarantee that we get everything we want? We make these goals throughout our whole life, and in the eyes of our parents and society, graduating from school is the answer to all of them. So the stepping stones are clearly laid out: We go to school and pass each grade as they get progressively harder, pick a major in college, study that field, and hope to graduate with decent enough grades to make a career out of whatever you studied in school. What happens when this doesn’t work out though? School does not guarantee anything. Although learning in a college setting and graduating from school is important, education through experience is more effective and will take you farther in life. Janis Dietz approaches this issue from both sides in “The Myth That College and Major Choice Decides Johnny’s Future.” She makes sure to note that while the importance of college is still well recognized, the debate about whether or not the decision of a college major will decide your career fate. Parents and college counselors are starting to wonder what the best choice is for the students to be successful because the cost of going to school is rising faster than income. Dietz makes the argument that companies are looking for skills that aren’t taught in specific majors. She then addresses the other end by stating that students who enter a career that matches their college major are more successful. Not many students accomplish this though, and the ones that do have the determination and mindset that businesses are looking for. It’s not the degree; it’s the student’s personality and skills acquired from experience that determines what career they get. Although people will argue that getting a...
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