Year Round Schooling

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For years, discussions on the advantages and disadvantages of year round schooling have been popping up everywhere. Year round education has been a debated issue in education almost since it began in 1904 (National Association). Supporters of year round education say this schedule improves the learning process. The biggest debate, however, comes from the parents and teachers who believe there are no proven studies that year round education helps the learning process at all. So, is year round schooling a good choice for the education of your children? It is for mine.

There are a multitude of reasons on both sides of this debate. However, one thing is very clear; every parent wants their son or daughter to succeed in life and to do so they must first attend and succeed in school.

First I need to explain that there is difference between extending the school year and being on a year round education schedule. Students attending a school on the traditional nine-month calendar attend school for 180 days. Of course, if the year were to be extended they would attend more days per year. Children who attend a school with a year round schedule go the same amount of days, 180. The difference is that year round education students have several short vacations rather than one three-month summer break.

There are many benefits to year-round schooling. One positive aspect of this type of schooling is better retention for children. After a short break the children are refreshed and ready to start again without having to review what has been lost over the summer. At traditional schools, teachers spend weeks reviewing to bring children up to the levels they were at prior to the vacation. Kids on a year-round calendar learn faster, better and retain more. With shorter breaks, teachers have a much better chance of maintaining their pupil’s academic skills. Not only do the children come back refreshed and ready to learn but the teachers themselves are refreshed and energetic....
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