Year Round Schooling

Topics: Education, High school, School Pages: 3 (1031 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Year-round schooling is not all it claims to be, it is in fact much worse than parents think it is. Schooling should stay the way it is now instead of going to a year-round schedule like a majority of parents and a scarce amount of students want. Year-round schooling is supposed to be a wonderful system that allows students to learn all year instead of learning for three quarters of the year and then proceeding to lose what they learned over summer. This may be what parents and teachers think is happening throughout the year, but that is not necessarily true. Year-round schooling would actually prove to be worse for students than have a summer break, and that students would lose more of their education with a new schedule than what is established at the moment. How much of a student’s education from the year actually lost during summer break, and is there really no solutions to the problem we currently have other than year-round schooling? There are many teachers and parents who say losing a large portion of what you learned from school is attributed to summer vacation, but there are numerous solutions for that. These are amongst the things that can be done over summer to help retain a what a student learned during the school year; summer tuition programs, summer tutors, summer classes that are separate from your current school, and there are plenty more options besides those that a parent and student could select from cooperatively . If a student strives for a good education then there is no reason that what is learned during a normal year of school should be lost over summer vacation, which is a vital part of a student’s education as well. Not only are there solutions for it but more would be lost from year-round schooling than summer vacation. Many adults only see summer vacation for its enjoyable characteristics, and tend to ignore the fact that it is also a vital part of a good education. With year-round schooling students would have an overflow of...
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