Year Round School

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  • Published : January 18, 2011
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Year Round School
Cynthia Blake
Instructor: Rhonda Johnston
COM/150 Effective Essay Writing
December 6, 2009

Year Round School
No, more summer vacations! This is the thought that comes to mind when you hear the words year-round school. There are a number of schools world wide that have already began to implement the year-round academic school year. Year-round school will have a major affect on the academic society with attendance changes, teaching techniques, scheduling conflicts, vacation changes, and extracurricular program schedules. More frequent, shorter breaks may benefit both students and teachers alike. Less burnout and less tension among administrators, teachers, and students reduce absenteeism (Opheim, Mohajer, Read 1995). Teachers and students have longer semesters with more frequent three week breaks in between, that offer them a time to regroup for the next class. Several studies show that the number of staff sick days in a year-round program has decreased tremendously, however there is no direct link to year-round education. One could come to the conclusion that the fact that there are more frequent breaks is a potential way for the teachers to clear their minds and ready themselves for the next class. The frequent breaks also give the students the time off that they need to ready themselves for the next nine week course. This is a potential way for the administration to cut back on students skipping classes and dropping out of school. There are two main schedules for year-round education; one being a single-track schedule, and the other a multi-track schedule. The single-track schedule is when all of the students are on vacation at the same time. Multi-track schedules are when part of the students is on vacation at one time and others at another time. With the multi-track schedules there are students and faculty in the school at all times during the year. On the single track system parents do not seem to have many...
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