Year Round School

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Last fall our school board decided to make it mandatory for students to attend school year-round. There were many issues to look at before making this decision. I feel that year round school can both benefit and hurt children. There are many issues that people are for and against for year round schooling. What will happen to kids who have summer jobs or even part time jobs? Employers look for kids who are willing to work during the summer months when there are more activities going on in our community. During the school year students can only work part time and during the summer they are able to work more hours. When school is out during the winter months, things are slower, so business is slow. When this happens, it decreases will decrease their hours. What about families who work and have small children? Who do they get to keep their children? It is expensive for families who have children to put them in daycare. All of these things should be considered before making the decisions whether or not there should be a year round school. This does not allow them much time, if most of it is spent on the road. They get frustrated and "burnt out" and the break will help them to relieve some of their stresses. The parents who work already know when they can get off of work and know that they will be home either before their child or they have someone who will stay with them till they get home. It also allows them time to work on projects that they might want to cover in a class, that they may not have time to do otherwise. For example, say that a family wanted to take a vacation in Orlando, Florida. As you can see there are several advantages to going to a year round school policy. It take 17 hours to drive there, then if they stop to spend the night somewhere, that is going to take 2 days to get there. By the time they get home, they would be exhausted because they would have to go back to school the next day. But then you also have the families who have...
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