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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Would a year-round school schedule improve students’ academic performance? There are many debates on whether schools should extend their educational calendar to a full year. While year-round school schedules have their share of benefits, there are also negative outcomes. People often claim the more the better, but what really matters is the quality, not quantity, of education. Year-round schooling should not be organized because students may develop health issues, wouldn’t be prepared for college, and students may miss out on other opportunities during the summer. Students can develop health issues if year-long schooling were to be enforced. Maintaining a healthy body is important, especially for young, developing adolescents. With year-round schooling, they’ll be inside most of the day, which wouldn’t be beneficial since fresh air and the outside environment are needed to maintain health. A student from California Trail Junior High School says, “I enjoy school. But I’m tired by the end of the day. I’m inside for most of the day. I never get to go outside, so when I get the chance to go outside at the end of the day, I’m glad” (Adler 3). If the school year were to be extended, students will likely develop various health issues. From sleep deprivation to stress, schools constantly assign piles and piles of homework and projects to students. Once an assignment is complete, another one immediately follows. Summer break exists to give students a chance to relax, to take some time off, and to catch up on sleep. If students’ entire year is dedicated to school, they wouldn’t be able to have the much needed break from school work. Year-round school also does not prepare you for college. With year-round schooling, they can “operate on the multitrack system; principals and trustees can educate more students in smaller schools while maintaining – or even reducing – classroom size” (Grescoe 4). Although it’s an advantage for students, it doesn’t help...
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