Year of Wonders "The Faith of the Villagers of Eyam Sustains Them Through the Crisis of the Plague." Do You Agree?

Topics: Town, Hierarchy, Village Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: March 12, 2012
The town of Eyam was only a small community which consisted of mainly lead miners, shepherds and cobblers had to face the biggest problem of their time (1665) ‘The plague’ and unlike many towns & cities across Europe they did not flee it, they stayed and quarantined themselves, as they were under the belief that this epidemic was of god’s decision to eliminate the bad crops as where the words of Michael Monpellion the towns Rector (priest).Monpellion who rallied the villages in the first instance gave the villages faith or something to believe in , in these troubled times and he remains faithful to his charge and-whatever the difficulties that assail him, he remains a source of hope to his parishioners. Also Anna Firth the main character in the novel who becomes an ever stronger woman throughout the ordeal is guided by Monpellion faiths and she helps the village sustain by become the town Nurse/Doctor as the normal towns physician flees upon hearing the news that the plague has reached Eyam ,so under both Elinor & Michael Monpellion guidance she supports the townspeople and takes care of them as they all band together. Therefore Michael, Elinor and Anna sharing of his faith throughout all the community sustain them through the crisis of the plague.

Michael Monpellion is the fundamental reason why the village of Eyam becomes isolated at the time of the plague. When the villagers are faced with the onslaught of the plague, Monpellion rallies the villages and proposes the quarantine solution and promises the villages a sense of protection as he promises that no one in the village “will face death alone“ (p.106.)The community responds to speech given by Michael and they believe that he is doing the right thing and they all rally together apart from some of the higher members in the social hierarchy like the Bradford’s who are the wealthiest family in the town and even with all the endeavours by Michael to convince them to stay they decide to flee the town. As they...
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