Year of Wonders - Page 253 Deliverance

Topics: Present tense, Grammatical tense, Past tense Pages: 3 (776 words) Published: May 24, 2011
Deliverance – page 253

Meaning of deliverance:
An act or instance of delivering
A thought or judgement expressed; a formal or authoritative Character involved in this chapter (either directly or indirectly): •Anna Frith (p.253)
Micheal Mompellion (p.254)
Elinor Mompellion(p.254)
Aphra Frith (p.253)
Andrew Merrick (p.254)
Merry Wickford (p.256)
Jane Martin (p.256)
Hancock & Hadfield (p.256)
Faith (Aphra’s child)(p.253)

Summary: The plague finally abates; as the villagers gather to offer thanks, Elinor is murdered by Aphra. •The tone of this chapter is elegiac as Anna laments the poignant irony of Elinor’s death. •The voice of Brook’s narrator in this case, an independant and intelligent observer of events, changes as the tone becomes increasingly confident and aware. •The great burning had worked as there was ‘no word of new coughs, or fevers or plague sores’. (p.253) •‘For the first time in almost a year, there was not one newly missing. (p.254) •People changed when they realised no more signs of plague, as no one died from the last meeting they had. •‘People approached one another without fear, and shook handsas they had not done’. (p.257) •Difference between Micheal and Elinor. Micheal used a stern, as Anna says: ‘had a bitter edge to it that I had never heard him use in their speech together.’ (p.256) •Elinor was further proven to be weak as she walked away out of the doorway, ‘struggling to holdback tears’ (p.256) •Having lived through the plague year, the rector’s wife is murdered by Aphra on the very day that the village celebrates its liberation. •There is also irony in her presentation as ‘bride’, dressed in white, her arms laden with blossoms gathered from her garden, including the ubiquitos ‘spray of fragrant roses’ (p.257). Elinor has never been a bride, in the true sense which represented peace and purity. She has been sacrified for a principle that,...
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