Year of Wonders

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  • Published : March 18, 2013
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“All I had to do was put the glass around you. And now, how you shine!” Year of wonders takes us on a journey through the 16th century at the time of the dreadful plague that struck hard. Throughout her tragic ordeal Anna Frith finds some undying strength to help loved ones and becomes more independent from such experiences. Geraldine Brooks shows how it is the transformations within an individuals mind that are the most prevailing and essential for one to better from it. Since the plague had already destroyed and taken everyone who Anna had once loved, all she had left was time, time to help those in need, time to see the unearthly happenings around her, time to find the true Anna Frith.

Several catalysts contribute to Anna’s change, the manifest of those would be the plague. The plague is taking lives, energy and humanity out of so many characters in the novel. Elinor Mompellion provides a loving platform for Anna that gives Anna the support she needs, this allows her to view the world in a new way and be there for others. Anna became more independent as the novel proceeded and she realised she “did not want to walk each day in yet another place where Elinor had walked.” “I was not Elinor……But Anna”, she now shows the courage that she can be by herself and makes her own path for the future. The friendship between Anna and Elinor was very strong and one of the main factors that helped Anna through the crisis of the plague, without Elinor Anna would have been unable to make it through the year of plague. At every moment of Anna’s life during this one year Elinor was directly by her side. At every moment she was there to comfort Anna as she saw the potential in her to become a women of strength and knowledge. She saw the true Anna Frith. Elinor provides Anna with all things that she needs, she taught her how to read, she gave her a shoulder to cry on, a hand to hold, but most importantly she gave her the ability to see the strength within and makes her into...