Year of Wonders

Topics: Novel, The Plague, Black Death Pages: 11 (2531 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Character Activity
In order to succeed in this Area of Study, you need to understand the characters and how Brooks has constructed them. Use the attached sheets to assist you.

Your task...

For each of the main characters:

• Write a brief description of the character including their role in the novel and relationship to other characters (include relevant quotes or references)

• List character traits and provide evidence to support each one

Main Characters

Anna Frith
Michael Mompellion
Elinor Mompellion
Josiah (Joss) Bont
Aphra Bont
Elizabeth Bradford
Colonel Bradford
Anys Gowdie

Other Characters

For each of these characters, write a brief description of their roles in the novel and their relationships: Jamie and Tom Frith
Mem Gowdie
George Viccars
Alexander and Mary Hadfield
Christopher Unwin
Alun Houghton
Jane Martin
John and Urith Gordon
Lib Hancock
Mr Stanley
Merry Wickford
Mrs Bradford
Maggie Cantwell
Ahmed Bey
Aisha and Elinor Frith
Anna Frith

List words to describe Anna, including her strengths and weaknesses. Give examples and page references.

Write a paragraph about Anna’s life, her values and beliefs before the plague. Pages:6,7,9,55

At the end of the novel, when she is living in Oran, what is her life like, and what has she achieved? Pages: 286-7, 298-303

How do Anna’s beliefs and attitdues change from when the Plague began in Eyam to the end of her narrative? Pages: 73, 83-88, 95, 114-115, 214-215, 239-240, 290, 301

Analyse Anna’s relationship with Elinor Mompellion. Pages: 35-37, 78, 120-125, 148-155, 158, 177-185, 228-229, 234-239, 275, 279-283, 299

Analyse Anna’s changing relationship with Michael Mompellion. Pages: 4, 9, 14, 44-46, 68-71, 194-195, 222-223m 228-229, 234-235, 264-268, 274-284, 292-294.

Analyse Anna’s relationship with her father, Jossiah Bont and her stepmother, Aphra. Pages: 36-37, 131-134, 189-192, 199-210, 247-248, 253.

Give examples of Anna as a caring individual. Include page references where you can.

Does she make the right choice in leaving England? Explain fully. Pages: 268, 273, 287, 293, 298-299, 303.

Michael Mompellion – A paradox
Provide evidence from the text to illustrate each of these characteristics. Remember to provide page references.

A Man of the People
Natural leader
Great personal ability
Academic potential
Left-leaning theologian
Personal commitment
Physically strong
Repressed anger

Does the plague year expose Michael as just a man like any other?

How do his beliefs and values change throughout the year of the plague? Pages: 216-217, 270-271.

What is his relationship with Elinor really like? Pages: 154-155, 187-188, 235-239, 255-257.

Relationships – What do they teach us about the human condition? (the essence of being human)

Anna and George Viccars
Anna is aroused in a physical sense by George Viccars but also on an intellectual level as he offers her a different insight into the world beyond Eyam. She reveals her more open views and thoughts with him, and these differentiate her from the typical woman of her time.

Anna and her father
Anna’s relationship with her father is characterised by the memories of cruelty and violence she suffered at his hands as a child. As a woman, she is still beholden to his patriarchal rule and despite her loathing of him, she must defer to him. Her new moral strength is demonstrated later in the narrative in her refusal to support him at his trial.

Anna and Aphra
Aphra inspires Anna’s sympathy and compassion for she knows how her stepmother’s life must be a wife for Josiah Bont. Despite Anna’s anger towards Aphra for taking advantage of the...
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