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Year of Jubilee

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Season of Jubilee
This is the season of Jubilee Singing and dancing for you and me Thanking and praising because we're free All that was stolen returned to me A time of increase and victory This is the season of Jubilee From “Season of Jubilee” by Tom Bynum

ccording to the writings of Moses, one of the many special occasions God created for people to observe was "Jubilee," a year-long period of national celebration and renewal that was to occur once every 50 years. It was to be a time of festivity, freedom, family and forgiveness. It was also a time for work to be paused, faith to be tested, order to be restored, and abundance to be revealed. Transferring the idea of Jubilee from the national to the personal, the time of life around age 50 is an opportunity to celebrate what we’ve accomplished thus far, as well as to prepare for what’s still


to come. Yet, many of us approach the Jubilee season of our lives somewhat the way Jerry and Newman said hello to one another on the Seinfeld show – that is, with a disdain verging on repulsion. How did this happen, anyway? How can we be in the middle of our lives when, just yesterday, it seems, we were teenagers? How can our time on this planet be at least half over when there are still so many things we haven’t even begun to do? But, implicit in the observance of Jubilee is the message that we are not yet finished, that there is more – and greater - work for us to do. Realizing this, we ought to welcome and embrace our own “seasons of Jubilee” with great


optimism and excitement for the new beginnings they represent. And, reflecting on the details of the original Jubilee period, three undergirding concepts emerge which, when practiced, will allow us to increase our unique and individual purpose, contribution and legacy. The first principle is REST, the second is RESTORE, and the third is RECEIVE. First, let’s look at REST. During the year of Jubilee, people were not to do any work. Even the earth was to...

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