Year of Impossible Goodbyes

Topics: Korean language, Family, South Korea Pages: 1 (302 words) Published: August 7, 2009
Year of Impossible Goodbyes
This book is based on a real life event in history, on the year of 1945 in Kirimni, Pyongyang Korea. This book is about a Korean family, whose country was under Japanese rule, force to live the Japanese live style. To make sure that the Korean people, or what the Japanese called them peasants, they would sent Japanese police to inspect the peasants’ homes.

A little girl named Sookan and her family never followed the Japanese ways. Sookan’s Grandfather was Buddhist and her mother was a Christian. Sookan and her family never got caught disobeying the rules, because they know when the police are coming to inspect their house, so they hide everything that was Chinese or Korean.

One day the Japanese order Sookan’s family to work at a sock factory for the Japanese soldiers that were in the war, and assign worker girls to help make more socks in a little amount of time. Their cousin Kisa and Aunt Tiger, worked with them Kisa was a very nice and hard working man. From working in the factory he did lose some of his fingers and has a limp. Aunt Tiger was nice and annoying. She never stopped talking for a minute; she is like a talking machine.

One day Sookan’s family were having so much fun celebrating one of the sock girls birthday’s, that they forgot all about the Japanese police and they didn’t have enough time to hide everything, and when they came they took all of the plates that they were eating off of and told them that were going to be used to make weapon for the Japanese soldiers in the war. The thing they did after that killed Sookan’s grandfather. The tree that he meditates under.
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