Year 2050

Topics: Global warming, Climate change, World Pages: 4 (1628 words) Published: June 2, 2013
Life in 2050
Within the next 40 years, most people believe, the world will get the bulk of its energy from sources other than oil. Computers will converse like people. Cancer will be cured, and artificial limbs will outperform natural ones. Astronauts will land on Mars, and ordinary people will travel in space. There are all sorts of expectations for all kinds of fields and we know one thing for sure, that there will be some changes. There are changes that won’t matter as much, but there are fields that really should concern everybody. No matter where you live and what you do, everybody has to be aware of what is going on in the world’s economy, how bad the global worming will get and how will technology influence on our lives. I believe that everybody have to be aware of what will be going in the future because 2050 might seem fairly far from today, but nowadays time flies really fast. Economy is a part of everybody’s life that doesn’t matter where and how live, it has influence on your life. Throughout history it has been going up and down causing some people ether to lose all their wealth or gain even more than there was. Countries such as United States and Chine are known to have the best economical both statement and status in the world. But will it be the same 40 year from now? Recent research has been done by world famous HSBC bank which provides some interesting information about this question. We know that today among all countries China, United States and India are dominating with their economy, but according to research the picture will be different in the future. Countries such as Luxembourg, Singapore and Switzerland will be the richest nations, ahead of the US (8th), Germany (10th) and Britain (14th). The 26 fast-growing countries are predicted to expand by 5% or more over the next few decades and for countries such as the Philippines and Peru this will see them shoot up the league table to take places in the global top 30. The 43 growth...
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