Year 12 Physical Journeys

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  • Published : May 29, 2008
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“Analyse how TWO texts of your own choosing have developed an understanding of the concept of physical journeys.”

‘Journey” is a term that implies travel which can offer new insights, experiences, cultures and perspective. The passage between places or circumstances can be positive or negative in nature, physical or emotional, tactile or intellectual. Regardless of the form this journey may take, it tends to consist of many challenges or barriers that have to be met before a final goal is reached. Some journeys have repercussions that last long after the journey itself has been completed. This can provide a benchmark for what life was like before the journey and what it was like after it, some journeys, especially if they are spiritual or intellectual in nature, may last a very long time, if not a lifetime. The concept therefore often denotes and alteration or transitions of some kind, process or event that can it mark in the traveler. The Song titled “Son Of Man” by Phil Collins shows a vast amount of signs pointing towards journeys. Showing that a journey is travelling in some form or another. The “Japanese story” by Sue Brooks also shows us a physical journey of a cultural indifference. The song “Son of man” contains all the elements of a physical journey. The song is written by Phil Collins and is about the journey of the main character, growing up from an insignificant child to a fully-grown man. “On this journey that you’re making, there’ll be answers that you seek.” Tarzan though at this period of time is physically full-grown, still has a need to discover, advance and resolve issues within himself before he is truly a man. The physical journey, in this song it uses a physical journey to describe the journey Tarzan undertook, “And it’s you who climb the mountain, It’s you who reach the peak.” It uses the physical image of climbing a mountain, to compare to the journey he is undertaking within himself. Only he can go on the journey to discover himself,...
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