Year 11 Physics Assignment

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  • Published: February 21, 2013
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Notice of Assessment Task
Preliminary Course in Physics

Date of Initial notification: 1/2/2013| Date of submissionTerm 1 Week 5|

Task Number: One – Research|

Time Allowed:2 weeks | Weighting of Task: 15%|

Course component / Focus area / Topic Module:Module1: The World Communicates |

Task Description:The world communicates by making extensive use of the electromagnetic spectrum. For the average person this is commonly accessed using radio waves. These radio waves may be over the AM or FM radio wave bands or the radio waves that transmit our television signals. Not only are people always within a ‘phone call of each other anywhere in the world they are also able to find out exactly where in the world they are by use of Global Positioning System (GPS) these now hand held devices have many uses within our society.Your TaskPART ATo produce a report based on your Analysis of information to identify the waves involved in the transfer of energy in television signals and draws a flow diagram that describes the energy transformations in television signals as they are transmitted from the studio to your home. Outline how the modulation of amplitude and frequency of radio waves are used to transmit information.PART BLocate and collect a brochure and at least one scientific article that allow you to assess the accuracy and evaluate the validity of scientific information presented in sales brochures of GPS’s in comparison with similar information presented by the scientific community. Use diagrams to help discuss some of the underlying scientific principles related to waves are related to how GPS’s work and identify areas of current research into GPS’s.|

Outcomes / Competencies to be assessed in this task: P4| describes applications of physics which affect society or the environment| P5| describes the scientific principles employed in particular areas of research in physics| P7| describes the effects of energy transfers and energy...
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