Year 10 Geography Summary

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  • Published : October 12, 2010
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Year 10 Geography summary
* South Eastern Hemisphere
* Latitude 10oS-44oS
* Longitude 113oE – 154oE
* Part of Asia-pacific region
International Aid – assistance developed countries give to developing countries to encourage economic growth and improve living standards AusAID (Australian Agency for International Development) – manages Australian aid and contracts work out to companies and NGOs (Non-Government Organisations) which deliver aid projects and train local people to continue them Main aim – to help with development and respond to emergencies and disasters Bilateral Aid – the transfer of funds directly from one govt to govt of another country Multilateral aid – transfer of funds from one govt through international agency or organisation Tied Aid – aid given under conditions of purchasing goods from the country providing the aid Australians believe that giving aid makes a difference in the lives of the less fortunate, improves the nation’s security and creates jobs for Australians Future Challenges – Population:

* Density of Australia is low, about 2 people for every km2 * Growth rate is 1.9%
* Factors affecting population growth rate include
* Fertility rate- number of children born
* Mortality rate- number of deaths
* Net migration- people entering Australia minus people leaving Australia * The present population is degrading the land and the environment can barely support the population * However increasing the population will lead to greater economic growth and a better standard of living * Challenges regarding the population include:

* Ageing population
* fall in number of children
* increase of life expectancy
* baby boomers reaching retirement age
* Government’s response: providing aged care, medical and health care facilities, retirement villages and services for the aged. Superannuation has been made compulsory and workers...
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