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Mission 1 History of Biology
Mission 1 of the game, “History of Biology” is on the scientist, Zacharias Janssen, who was born in 1580. Janssen was a Dutch spectacle-maker from Middelburg, credited with inventing the first microscope, which at the time was a tremendous increase in technology and allowed for detailed drawing, sketching, and recording. His microscope was very simple, hand-held, and consisted of three draw tubes with lenses inserted into the ends of the flanking tubes. The lens for the eyepiece was bi-convex and the objective lens was plano-convex, which was a very advanced compound design during this time period. His microscope was able to magnify objects up to three times when closed and up to ten times when fully extended out. Janssen was well known for his invention of the first microscope as well as counterfeiting coins in which he was sent to court and was tried and eventually died in 1638.

The game involves the scientist Janssen in the first mission by applying his work of art into use. My goal was to use a microscope using the same basic draw tubes lenses (in an attempt to emulate Janssen’s microscope) and observe a rare coin from Middelburg (Janssen’s hometown) by flipping different size lenses one over the other in order to read the print on the back of the coin. By flipping the smaller lenses over the bigger lenses or vice versa, you are able to come into focus and clearly read the text print on the back side of the coin which reads, “with many eyes you see my truth the code of Janssen’s 1402.” This was the main clue to complete the mission. There were several other orders you could have flipped the lens over one another and it only depended on the size and if you needed to look closer or enhance your vision by using another lens over the other. Janssen’s invention of the first simple microscope was the basis of what modern technology microscopes built off of....
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