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Topic: Adventure Tourism
Title: What are the factors that affects tourist from choosing their destination when it comes to adventure tourism nowadays? Variance: Kinds of destination
Personality of the tourist
Different factors affecting their decision

Adventure tourism that combines physical activity, cultural exchange, or interaction and an engagement with nature, creates some excitement by stepping out of your comfort zone requires significant physical or mental effort may involve some kind of risk, be it real or perceived expectations vary depending on participants level of experience may have an element of physical danger mountaineering, trekking, walking, bungee jumping rock climbing, white water rafting, kayaking, fishing.  

Adventure can be broken into 2 parts soft adventure and hard adventure. Soft Adventure a travel experience that goes beyond the typical tourist itinerary is rewarding for the spirit and the mind is safe and without excessive physical demands, examples of soft adventure: camping, walking on gradually changing terrain, Biking. Hard Adventure is a travel experience that has more physical challenge has a higher element of risk is rewarding to the spirit pushes people outside of the comfort zone, examples of hard adventure: Mountaineering, White water rafting/kayaking, mountain biking.  

Adventure tourism requires higher physical fitness; participant needs to push their self from their comfort zone. And adventure tourism is often expensive because of the equipment and the area where the adventure tourism is held. And woman prefers adventure tourism than men because women are more adventurous and willing to do something new nowadays.  


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Chapter 2
                Adventure tourism is a large but little-studied area (Buckley 2004a, Travel Industry Association of America, 2005). Clusters of related references are presented. The number of references listed for different topics in these is not itself measures of research effort, since for some topics there are recent reviews and for others there are not. Somewhat, the titles and structure are intended to illustrate the research themes identified, and the references are there to demonstrate the data behind these patterns.  Adventure tourism has been variously defined (Weaver, 1998; Fennell, 1999; Manning, 1999; Bentley et al., 2000, 2001a, b, c; Buckley, 2000, 2004a; Bentley and Page, 2001; Newsome et al., 2001; Page and Dowling, 2002). Broadly, it means guided commercial tours where the principal attraction is an outdoor activity which relies on features of the natural terrain, generally requires specialized sporting or similar equipment, and is exciting for the tour clients.  

State of the art
The interrelated literature and studies accessible in this study about adventure tourism and the sub-topic were preferred by the researcher as there were the groundwork for the formulation of the research problem, research design, and research methodology.

Related Studies

To relate tourism to leisure theory, this paper first offers a potential conceptual framework to assist in placing leisure in the context of other human behavior.  This is done by considering dimensions of both subjective experience and structural environment.  The field structured by these two dimensions is then reviewed by examining four more or less extreme positions, although emphasizing that reality will rarely conform to an...
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