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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Yvette Caravantes
English 201
Professor Price
The Nature of Morality

Morality is the quality of being moral with a good conduct. Through the morals of a person, it is seen if they have a good character. Morality is integrity, honesty, as well as virtue. In the novel of The Complete Maus by Art Spiegelman, morality is delicate. Natural morality is how someone is raised; it is associated with various views that do not make a blissful family. Maus is an autobiography that is written by Art, interviewing his father of his experience in the holocaust and Art’s relationship with his father. Reading this novel, there are many examples of how natural morality take place such as how the relationship Art has with his father make him feel like a burden, an environment of frustration and argumentative towards one another which reflects on their past.

The relationship that Vladek had towards his surroundings was aggressive and irritated. When Vladek was younger as it is describe, how handsome he was (Maus I, pg13), how intelligent he was by knowing English (Maus I, pg16), as well as being really ambitious, how he always tried to survive in the holocaust. While Vladek sharing his experience, he never explains how he felt, he was always letting his ex-wife Anja that dying was easy but life was a struggle (Maus I, pg122). The passage “No, darling! To die, it’s easy…but you have to struggle for life! Until the last moment we must struggle together! I need you! And you’ll see that together we’ll survive”, Vladek’s mentality seems that for life, its not easy and no time for any types of feelings. Throughout the novel Vladek struggles in life even to the point of his old age, being very ill, having no expectations that life is easy but to let others know to have hope for life because it is an obstacle, to not take the easy way out which is death . Natural morality falls under this category of Vladek’s experience in life.

In the experience of Vladek since his first...
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