Yaqui Tribe

Topics: Yaqui, Mexico, Mexico City Pages: 3 (880 words) Published: July 21, 2010
Journal Entry
Yulanda Hamissi
ETH 125

This is the story about the history of the Yaqui tribe from Mexico. I will give details on the history of our culture in Mexico and migration to the United States. In addition, I will include details on our annexation and colonization both in Mexico and The United States. Many changes have occurred in our history but none of these have changed the basics of our culture or beliefs.

Originally, our people lived isolated in the valley of the Rio Yaqui in Northern Mexico state of Sonora and the desert region in the southwest known as Arizona. We call ourselves “Yoeme” which translated means “people.” Our homeland is called “Hiakim,” which is where some say “Yaqui” originated. Some also think it came from a Spaniard asked the Yoemem who they were and the response was, “ya aqui,” which means “already here.” We were separate from the other tribal empires in our area such as the Aztec and Toltec. Our ancestors were skillful warriors despite being a peaceful people with no “government” in place. Our people survived by farming and gathering foods. Dancing continues to be a huge part of our culture. This is how we pass our history and legends down to the next generation. Beautifully orchestrated dances and songs told in wonderful detail the stories about historic, personal, or cultural legends that are held in high regard by our people. On three separate occasions, the Spanish tried to take over our land and belongings and were unsuccessful in their attempts. Our people gathered over 7000 warriors in only a few short hours to defeat the Spanish armies. However, our tribe always has preferred peace. The Jesuit priests came to inhabit the land in the early 1600s. They came to convert people to Christianity. We lived together in harmony for a little over a century and many of our people converted. The relationship also brought advantages such as modern farming ideas, tools, and architecture. Then the Mexican government forced the...
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