Topics: Negotiation, Dispute resolution, Contract Pages: 4 (1182 words) Published: April 29, 2013

As a postgraduate student studying in the major of business field, I understand the importance of critical thinking and communication thoroughly. Honestly, I am really a timid person with less communication skills and experiences. However I am lucky to study this unit, which not only explores me the theoretical things about communication and how to think critically, but also turn the theories in to small activities, thus we can have a more virtual understanding and feelings on what we learned. This is a reflective essay based on the 4th week tutorial activity, the negotiation activity and what we have learnt over the past four weeks. The essay will first talk about the influence tactics by recording the negotiation activity. The points of “how to solve a problem”, “speculations or solution to the activity” will be stated. And then, I would like to compare my thoughts and behave before and after the learning. Moreover, some suggestions and feelings on the activities will be given.


Negotiation Activity and Influence Tactics
My role in the activity was Dale William, the department manager. My task was to negotiate with my subordinates Pat Taylor and Chris Johnson about wearing safety glasses in the workplace. Before meeting Pat, I supposed that he must be a stereotype. My strategy was to use emotional appeal by complimenting him first, flatter him my as he has worked here over 20 years. After that I mentioned J.B Harries’ eye injury and told him the importance of wearing glasses before introducing the company police, which refer to the rationality and legitimized appeal. After that, I talked about his younger generation and asked him to take them into consideration别组人也想他带tactics, which is still not working. And then I advised that his behave will affect many young workers; he needs to be a good sample in the team. He refused my advice again and believed wearing glasses would affect working efficiency. Finally, I gave him pressure and...
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