Yananomo Culture

Topics: Culture, Gender, Aggression Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: June 27, 2011
Yanomamo Culture
Anthony Benson
ANT 101
June 4, 2011

The Yanomamo Culture has been around for many years and even though it is an extremely different culture there are some mild, yet interesting comparisons to the American Culture and the impact kinship has on the cultural behavior. The Yanomamo Culture is mainly recognized by the aggressiveness of their tribe, of patrilineal culture, and in favor of male dominance. They believe that the man is superior to the woman and appear to have less respect for their women compared to other cultures. The men in this culture tend to be aggressive because an aggressive man is strong, fearless, and will intimidate enemies. According to Nowak and Laird (2010),“ Yanomamo aggression is public, institutionalized, and highly ritualized aggression that follows an established set of rules”. They have levels of aggression used to help resolve any conflict. While it starts out with long speeches it continues on to hand to hand combat and eventually fighting with clubs. There is a form of this reflected in American society with arguments among people that lead to fighting, stabbing or shootings. Yanomamo families live in large communal homesteads. Marriage is cross-cultural and Yanomamo marriages are much different from that of American marriages. Yanomamo women are treated as materialistic objects and promised by their father or brother to a Yanomamo man in return for reciprocity. The reciprocity depends on what the tribe is in need of such as an alliance of another tribe. These trades are often practiced in the Yanomamo culture and it is not unlikely for the women to be traded among the tribes. Polygamy is also a part of the Yanomamo culture. Yanomamo women are kept in the male’s possession. The Yanomamo man tries to collect as many wives as he possibly can in to show his status in power. Yanomamo prefer to give birth to a male rather than a female and it is possible a female may...
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