Yalta Conference

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  • Published : October 27, 2012
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The Yalta Conference

The Yalta conference of 1945 was held in Russia and was taken place from the 4th to the 11th of February. At this conference, the three main leaders in the allied powers (Winston Churchill Prime Minister of The United Kingdom, joseph Stalin dictator of the Soviet Union and Franklin Roosevelt president of the United States) discussed mainly what was to happen with Germany after they surrendered.

What the leaders hoped to gain:
All three leaders hoped to gain something out of the conference that would benefit their country. As the war between the Allied Powers (the United States in particular) and the Japanese continued, President Roosevelt wanted the Soviet Union to aid the USA in the “Pacific War.” Stalin on the other hand wanted Poland to be under Soviet rule and Churchill wanted countries in the Central and Eastern parts of Europe to be run by a democratic governments.

What the Leaders actually gained from the Yalta Conference:
Stalin’s idea that Poland was to be under Soviet control was rejected because the representatives of the two western countries strongly thought that Poland deserved its independence. Also the invasion of Poland was what started the war and so eventually Stalin decided against it. Roosevelt’s wish was accepted and Stalin promised to aide the Americans three months after Germany surrendered and in return he would be given additional land. Stalin kept his promise and exactly three months after the Germans surrendered on May 8th the USSR joined the war against the Japanese. However by the time they had joined the war the USA had already dropped the first bomb on Hiroshima and two days later the second on Nagasaki. Japan surrendered six days later and Stalin had gained the most with the least amount of expenditure. As for what Churchill wanted regarding Poland it was given its independence from the Germans.

What happened to Germany after they surrendered:
A wall was built through Berlin...
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