Yakult and Its Marketing Strategy

SWOT analysis, Inflation, Yakult

Executive Summary2

Section 1: Introduction2

Section 2: Current Situation2

Part 1: SWOT Analysis2





Part 2: PESTLE Analysis8

Part 3: USP Analysis9

Section 3: Recommendations11

Part 1: Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning11




Part 2: Marketing Objectives and Goals – SMART Principles12

Part 3: Product, price, place and promotion13





Section 4: Conclusion14


Executive Summary

Growing probiotic market has a potential value that every relevant firm wants to share profit in this market. Collecting data from dependable source and thinking deeply to analyse the current market for Yakult, giving suggestions in marketing a new overseas market and concluding the primary points of this paper are the main methods in illustrating the whole paper.

Section 1: Introduction

This paper not only shows you the current situation of Yakult and the probiotic market, but also illustrates Yakult’s future market, Russia market. After reading the paper, you will learn how well the Yakult business is and how to develop its potential overseas market using market mix.

The map of this paper likes the following brief introduction. The first section of paper will give a current situation of Yakult through SWOT analysis in part, PESTLE analysis in part 2 and Unique Selling Proposition in part 3. In the second section, through STP method to segment market, target consumers and position the firm in part 1, after choosing the Russia market, an objective based on SMART principle is given in part 2 and in the final part, combining the market mix and the real situation, a marketing framework is produced. The conclusion section is drawn according to the previous sections. The paper goes in a way of...
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